How Mapping Makes Sense of Your Data

How Mapping Makes Sense of Your Data

Successful Sales Managers today care about two things, how can they increase revenue and how to make the most with the resources they have. But, one of the most valuable resources you have as a Sales Manager is your sales data.

The problem is trying to interpret the massive amounts of data you have accumulated can be a grueling task. However, this data can be the key to revolutionizing your sales process and increasing your revenue.

Mapping software will help you quickly and easily make sense of this data, giving you the insights to improve your sales performance.

How Mapping Makes Sense of Your Data

The majority of your sales data is sitting spreadsheets or hidden in your CRM. But unless you’re a data analyst, sorting through this data to find patterns and trends can be a tedious task.

Visualizing your sales data on a map is a fast and easy and there’s no need for a large technological investment. It’s simply a way for you to look at your data from a new perspective and quickly identify patterns and trends that traditional approaches might miss, leading to faster decision making in your organization. It’s been proven that managers who use visual data tools like mapping software are 28% more likely to find timely information than those who rely on traditional methods.

Let’s say you have spreadsheets full of customer and account information, it’s likely this information contains location data such as customer addresses, store locations, etc. The best way to represent this data visually is on a map. Below are just some of the ways our powerful mapping software can improve your sales process, resulting in higher revenue:

1. Increase Team Performance with Territory Maps

Sales territories are the backbone of your sales team. Ensuring they are aligned and balanced for an even workload across all sales personnel is key for a well performing and motivated team. Our Territory Builder can quickly help you manage and monitor your sales territories. You can also balance your territories in terms of certain data such as demographics or values, helping you identify whether the distribution of territories is balanced and fair for your team.

2. Identify Underperforming Regions with Heat Maps

Having the ability to quickly see the occurrences of your business data in various geographic areas will help speed up your decision-making process. Heat Maps allow you to use a color gradient to indicate areas of increasingly higher density of data occurrence in a geographic area. For example, high-density clusters of customer data can help you see where you are currently doing well, and areas that may need attention. This type of information can help decide where sales resources need to be moved.

3. Identify Nearby Opportunities with Radius Maps

If you’re pouring through your CRM or spreadsheet for new opportunities, finding opportunities that are close to your sales teams locations can be an arduous task. However, by laying your opportunity data on top of your staff location data, you can run a radius analysis that will identify all of the opportunities within a specified radius of your field sales team.

4. Save Costs and Time with Route Maps

If you have sales reps in the field, a huge cost is time and fuel. With our Route Optimization software, you can plot your sales data on a map, pick a start and finish point, and our mapping software will create the optimized route for you or your team’s journey with every stop and accurate travel time. It improves fuel efficiency, reduces travel time, and increases the number of customers your sales reps can serve.

5. Empower Your Sales Team with Data Visualization

Visually connecting sales reps with their accounts and sales territories will make them feel more engaged and directly responsible for their progress and achievements. Visualizing goals has always been a method among people to achieve success and increase motivation for centuries.

Using mapping to visualize these goals as a progress monitor can be a huge motivator. Using various pin and color styles to highlight developing leads and areas of opportunity can empower your team to take that extra step to closing that deal. Your sales team will feel a sense of accomplishment seeing a map of red leads turn into green accounts.

eSpatial Mapping software is already being used by sales organizations in all industries, helping them visualize their sales data with minimum effort and providing them with powerful analytic tools to make informed decisions, improve their sales process, and increase revenue.

One particular customer of ours in the hospitality sector now uses eSpatial as the primary method of their sales process, citing its ease of use and ability to quickly visualize their data in a unique way and get actionable insights. Since they have started using eSpatial, they have seen an increase in revenue of 25%.

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